About us

Sirah Traditional House

Dear Friends,

“I love old houses because they hold the spirit of history,
Everything around us has a life span, has words to say, and is blessed.
The yard is still there, pond and fish and jug are there,
with the singing of the canaries and the floating dance of fish,
there is still life and one can revive and you can still taste the aroma of the freshly brewed grandmother’s tea…”

Paternal house is always a sign of the originality and memories of humans, especially if the house is as old as the height of the history of a country. Previously named ‘The home of the travellers’ (current Sirah) of Shiraz is a manifestation of bonding between history and literature, which can be used to beautifully demonstrate the splendour of ancient Shiraz and outcry of its spirit and its magnificence and reveal the greatness and glory of history.

After passing reconciled alleys of Sang-e-siah (Black Stone) suburb, you will get to the Ezat-e-Mohajeran Mansion which is a beautiful built traditional home belonging to the first Pahlavi era. This building was used as a residence since day one, a magnificent building decorated with two eye-catching minarets.

The mansion was added to the list of Iranian National Treasure on 30 July 2002. This beautiful mansion was purchased from its previous owners on 6th August 2016, and reconstructed and restored with the efforts of art lovers and artists to its glory, and changed from a simple residential building to Sirah Traditional House.

The Sirah Traditional House consists of 6 rooms and a total of 15 beds. It was opened on 31 August 2017 with many directors and deputies attending. It is now ready to serve you as our valued guest and art lovers.

With our hospitality and amenities, we hope to make your stay as enjoyable and memorable as possible.
We are confident that your presence will support the pillars of this artistic work to run for many years to come.